Direct Hair Implantation

At DHI, our goal is plain and simple – to apply the latest, most advanced innovations in hair replacement technology to give you healthy, natural looking hair.

Direct Hair Implantation technique eliminates the use of scalpels, stitches and the pain during the procedure. By choosing Direct Hair Implantation you can enjoy natural results, lifetime growth and maximum safety

NO Scalpels, NO Stitches
Maximum Safety
Maximised for Life
Natural Results

This amazing new technique is available now at DHI clinics worldwide.

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DHI Total Care System DHI Total Care System

Total Care System (TCS) is a strict protocol invented by DHI based on ISO and CQC regulations.

DHI is the world’s first hair restoration clinic that set up a system which is applied to all procedures, in order to guarantee safety, top quality and natural results.

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Eyebrow Reconstruction

scalp pigmentationApart from playing an important role in our physiognomy by defining the face, eyebrows (supercilia) have a function to serve by protecting the eyes.

With DHI, you are now able to restore or reconstruct your eyebrows.

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Direct MPG

scalp pigmentationDirect MPG is the process of getting ink marks on your scalp that look like tiny hairs; a technique known as “Cosmetic Hair Follicle Replication”. It is not a tattoo, nor a form of cosmetic makeup, although both of those were the launching point for this new invention.
Scalp Pigmentation can be used between your hair for a thickening effect or on a bald area to create a shaven look.

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PRPPlatelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a safe new hair restoration program which is performed at DHI by specialized practitioners with no side effects. The PRP treatment takes place via intradermal insertions of plasma into the scalp; with the objective of stimulating the scalp to support new growth.

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Body Hair Restoration

With DHI it is now possible to transplant hair to any part of the body.

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DHI Shampoos and Lotions

scalp pigmentation

New products against hair loss, based on organic Mediterranean ingredients. 

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