How many years of experience do you have in hair restoration?

DHI was established in 1970 in Palo Alto, California. We are the world’s most experienced hair restoration provider.

How can you prove that DHi is the most advanced hair restoration technique?

You will need to do extensive research; 40% of our patients have had strip procedures in other clinics before DHI. Over 100 medical doctors have chosen DHI for their hair loss; the list of VIP patients is very extensive. DHI is a proven technique that provides natural results. There are no scalpels used and no stitches. Please take your time and read our web site in detail, attend a DHI seminar and meet actual DHI patients. This is a life time decision, so do your research. There are over 300.000 clinics around the world that offer some type of a hair loss magic treatment. Only through extensive research you will be able to make a wise decision.

How many sessions have you performed?

Over two hundred thousand men and women worldwide have visited the DHI experts for the diagnosis and treatment of their hair loss.

Are you licensed by the medical authorities?

Yes, of course.

Are you exclusively engaged in Hair Restoration?

Yes, for 44 years.

Do protocols and a quality standardisation exist in hair restoration?

Yes. DHI has developed THE TOTAL CARE SYSTEM.™

The system guarantees lifetime results based on advanced restoration techniques and the world’s first comprehensive standardisation of protocols that DHI uses at clinics across the globe. All of which were developed at the DHI Academy of Hair Restoration.

The DHI system is based on our founders philosophy, “We must respect each and every hair follicle. Every time, every where.”

Thanks to this standardisation and our advanced technologies, we have been able to overcome many medical limitations such as human fatigue and human error. In short, DHI delivers excellent and consistent results for every single procedure, with NO PAIN & NO STITCHES. We do not use the strip method and have not done so for a very long time now. Hair follicles are removed one by one for the most natural result possible in medical technology today.

How many doctors are involved with hair restoration in your clinics?

50 doctors are involved only in hair restoration.

What is the DHI Academy of Hair Restoration?

This academy is the worlds ONLY FULL TIME HAIR RESTORATION INSTITUTE for the training, certification and evaluation of medical specialists across the globe.

The academy also organises training seminars, online courses and webinars throughout the year. Now, for the first time, public Universities now recognise the value of the training, inviting our experts to teach DHI methods to the young surgeons of tomorrow. Universities taking part include The University of Athena, Lyon, Rome & Alexandria.

Our highly skilled medical staff also attend many international forums on the subject of hair restoration, where they present papers to the world’s thought leaders in the industry.

DHI continue to strive for absolute perfection of our methods and with our systems in place, we are taking leaps and bounds with every implanted follicle.

Are you an international organization?


In how many countries do you have clinics or associates?

DHI is a global organization and a leader of hair restoration. We are in 50 countries and in the near future the number of DHI clinics around the world will increase at a rapid pace. Doctors from Asia to USA are now been trained in the DHI Direct Hair Implantation procedure.

Can I see at least 10 of you patients?

Yes we have a list of patients from around the world who are willing to meet with you and discuss their DHI experience. Some of them are famous and some are medical doctors.

Can I see the session live?

Yes, you can.

Do you organize seminars?

We believe Seminars are a great way to start your research. Contact us for scheduled seminars at various cities around the world.

Are your methods invented by your medical teams and how do you prove it?

In fact we hold several patents, D.H.I. is a patented technique.

In which Medical Journals have you published?

  • The Hair Transplant Forum
  • The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery
  • The Journal of Dermatological Surgery.

Is DHI certified by the internationally recognized quality certification ISO 9002?

Yes, it was the first hair restoration clinic to receive the ISO certification in 1997.

How many grafts do you place per square centimeter?

We place up to 40-50 grafts per square centimeter in one session and that is the recommended for best result but we can place a much higher number upon request

Do you have a Web site in multiple languages?

Yes, our site is multilingual, it’s available in more than 15 languages

What is your price?

There is a different price depending on whether the procedure/session is SMALL, REGULAR MEGA, GIGA AND TRIGA.

If there are over 300,000 clinics around the world what makes DHi the best?

For DHI it is a life time commitment; it is our vision to offer excellent results to each and every patient. We recognize how important it is for our patients to solve hair loss and move on with their lives. DHI is the only solution that guarantees 100% natural results to each and every patient. DHI is a unique system not only of how the hairs are extracted one by one but also the way they are placed.

How can I verify the number of hairs placed?

We have ΙSO, Micro Camera Computer Systems and DHI inspectors counting every hair.

Is DHi applicable for Body Hair?

DHI is available to male and female and to hair loss located in the scalp or body. Eyelashes, eyebrow, mustache and facial hair can be reconstructed with DHI Direct Hair Implantation.

I have heard horror stories about procedures going wrong and "doll hair effect” results - how does the DHi method differ from traditional methods and what exactly is the procedure?

We do not do the invasive surgery called strip surgery; we remove follicles one by one in the donor site with a very tiny extraction tool of less than 1mm in diameter. This means no scarring in the donor site or recipient site and the hairs re-grow looking exactly as they did in the donor site. There is no possibility of the dolls hair look with this technique.

What happens to the donor area? Does that become thinner?

No, it does not become aesthetically thinner at all as we remove such a small number in relation to the number of hairs that are there. Also we see that approximately 50% of the donor follicles re-grow in the donor site as we leave part of the follicle there. This is very helpful.

Why is there no pain?

Our clients all attest to the fact that the procedure is almost pain free, this is very important.

What about thinning of the hair continuing behind the newly transplanted hair? Presumably you would need further treatment?

We can only control the growth of the newly placed follicles; they will be there for life. For the thinning hairs, if they have not reached their full progression in terms of final hair loss then yes you may need to have a future procedure once they have fallen.

I am interested in taking Propecia but have mild kidney disease – do you know if Propecia shouldn’t be taken in this case?

We do not believe it is a problem but would recommend you to check with your General practitioner.