Direct Hair Implantation

Direct Hair Implantation technique eliminates the use of scalpels, stitches and the pain during the procedure. By choosing Direct Hair Implantation you can enjoy wonderful, natural results, lifetime growth and maximum safety

The main aim of this new, advanced technique is to increase the survival and growth of the hair follicles by diminishing their handling and the time they stay out of the skin. This amazing new technique is available now at DHI clinics worldwide.

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Natural Results

We pride ourselves in achieving the best appearance and apply technical artistry in creating appropriate hairlines, angles, design and density.

NO Scalpels, NO Stitches

No scalpels or sutures are involved. Our proprietary implantation instruments are designed for hygienic single use.

Maximised for Life

The immediacy of implantation optimises the yield of successful lifetime growth


Safety is the watchword of our business. The re-assurance of safety creates the fundamental trust on which our work is built. Only doctors perform our procedures.

DHI Total Care System

Total Care System (TCS) is a strict protocol invented by DHI based on ISO and CQC regulations.

DHI is the world’s first hair restoration clinic that set up a system which is applied to all procedures, in order to guarantee safety, top quality and natural results.


200,000+ clients, 50 locations, 120 doctors trained, since 1970

DHI Medical Group is the global leader in hair restoration.

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